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LEM ProductsThe Hooker Deer Drag™ can now be purchased through LEM Products

LEM Products is a mail order, online, and wholesale company based in Harrison, Ohio. We deliver high quality meat processing making equipment and supplies to the do-it-yourselfer hunter and home processor at a competitive price. Our wide array of products allows the home processor to make delicious sausage, jerky and other meat products, all the while controlling the healthy content of the foods they provide for their family and friends.

Our Supporters

Back Country Tales

Back Country Tales was started by Wendell Abney and Steve Shields. Their goal is take an audience along with them as they pursue their passion for hunting and fishing. Wendell is a Bass Pro Shops pro staff member, professional angler and avid hunter. He has been sharing his knowledge for many years through seminars and outdoor shows. Steve is a professional videographer, webmaster and avid hunter/outdoorsman. His ability to capture hunting and fishing adventures on film is remarkable. Together they plan to produce shows that take you into their world of hunting and fishing from start to finish. One episode will include footage of using The Hooker Deer Drag™.

Ohio Firearm Training

Ohio Firearm Training offers basic handgun instruction’s, concealed handgun classes for Ohio’s CCW along with CCW renewal classes, rifle instruction’s, shotgun, muzzleloader training instruction’s. Ohio Firearm Training also offers extended firearm training & private instruction. The principal aim is to keep all participants continually involved in the NRA Education of safe handling of firearm’s & The Ohio Hunter Education Program’s. Ohio Firearm Training offers their knowledge to deliver professional training to assure each student becomes proficient in the use of a firearm & firearm safety.

world-went-dark-outdoors-logoWorld Went Dark Outdoors is a Pennsylvania-based hunting team and TV show that lets you get up-close and experience some of the most exciting, fast-paced, in-your-face bow hunting you’ve ever seen!

We film all our hunts, which are 100% fair chase, adrenaline pumping, fast paced action hunts. Most are with our bows but occasionally you will see a gun. We pride ourselves in bringing the viewer into our world, showing them the up close and personal encounters we experience. The viewers will feel as though they are part of the hunt. We are as real as real gets, just some average guys living a dream. We capture everything involved in the hunt from the successes to the failures and everything in between. We are the reality for most working class hunters. Whether its a deer hunt, coon hunt, turkey hunt, or something else, we will bring the action to you!! You will feel like you’re there with us. It’s that close, and it’s that personal!! WWDO style!

whitetails-unlimited-logoFounded in 1982, Whitetails Unlimited is a national non-profit conservation organization that has remained true to its mission and has made great strides in the field of conservation. We have gained the reputation of being the nation’s premier organization dedicating our resources to the betterment of the white-tailed deer and its environment.

On behalf of our 90,000 plus supporters, we welcome you to browse our site and learn more about WTU, our past accomplishments, and the organization’s commitment to caring for our priceless renewable natural resources. We appreciate your interest in Whitetails Unlimited and hope that after reviewing our site, you will consider joining the whitetail team “Working for an American Tradition.”