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Cincinnati Hunting and Fishing Show Wrap Up

The Cincinnati Hunting and Fishing Show at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, OH has come and gone. The Hooker Deer Drag Co., LLC would like to thank all of those that stopped by our booth including our close friends and family.

Booth Traffic

The Hooker Deer Drag Co., LLC had excellent booth traffic throughout the course of the show (as you can see from the photo gallery below). It seemed like we had more than one group of people stopping by our booth every few minutes. The overall response to our products was good. Most visitors to our booth were thoroughly impressed with the fact that a single hunter could load a large deer into the bed of a truck using The Hooker Deer Drag™.

We also found that a large number of visitors initially stated that they would not need a tool such as The Hooker Deer Drag™ to drag deer out of the woods since they have ATVs and other off-road vehicles. However, after speaking with them about the many uses of our product most visitors eventually admitted that they had run into situations where the could not get their off-road vehicles back to their harvested deer. These visitors quickly began to see the value in such a simple and easy to use tool such as The Hooker Deer Drag™.

Business Opportunities

The amount of booth traffic and positive comments we received on The Hooker Deer Drag™ really got us pumped up. However, the most exciting part of the show were the new business opportunities that came about. The Hooker Deer Drag., LLC was approached by several other companies to see about advertising and / or selling The Hooker Deer Drag™ in their stores. We also talked with several DNR and parks organizations about using The Hooker Deer Drag™ to help manage roadkill and other animal management situations. We are keeping our fingers crossed that these opportunities pan out!

About Cincinnati Hunting and Fishing Show

For almost 25 years, the Cincinnati Hunting and Fishing Show has presented a wide variety of fishing and hunting opportunities. 2012 is no exception. These days, it’s all about great, quality places to fish and hunt whether it’s with family or a group of friends. With literally 100’s of shows happening around the country between January and the end of March, and some cities with 2 or more shows, the choices are many!

In the Cincinnati and tri-state area, it’s one show, one choice. And it happens on the last five days of the BIG Cincinnati Travel, Sports & Boat Show, Presented by RAM. Check out our website for a list of exhibitors participating in the show and dates & times for scheduled seminars. Then be prepared to book that hunting and/or fishing trip of a lifetime!