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Dragging a 150 Lb Doe in a Sled

Kathy Haubner just submitted a photo of her daughter Casey and her daughter’s friend Valerie dragging a 150 Lb doe that was shot near Millville, OH using the Hooker Deer Drag™. The girls loaded the doe into a plastic sled to further aid in dragging the animal to their vehicle.

Photo Submission

Casey & Valerie Dragging

About the Hunt

“The deer ran up and died on our hillside. With the tremendous amount of brush, stumps, boulders and mud she and her dad decided it best to get the deer on the sled, then hooked up the hookers to the rope and pulled that baby out like butter on toast over that rough terrain! EASY and I got to watch and take a couple pictures! It was a steep and long hike back to the house but using the drags it was a swift undertaking. SO MUCH EASIER – great leverage. Great product. By the way, the picture is where it got EASIER to pull on the path towards the house. You have no clue how crappy the hillside is here…. trees, stumps, muddy and STEEP! This old lady (me) waited to take pictures where I had stable footing.” – Kathy Haubner