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We’re sponsoring Simple Life Adventures

The Hooker Deer Drag Co., LLC is a sponsor of a hunting organization called Simple Life Adventures. This group of hunters film their hunting trips and will put together a DVD of their experiences using products supplied to them by their sponsors. We’d like to thank them for all of the Facebook hits we’ve been receiving! Great job getting information about our Hooker Deer Drags out to the public. We’re looking forward to watching your DVD.

Simple Life Adventures

About Simple Life Adventures

Simple Life Adventures’ goal is to introduce the outdoors and share the experiences they have grown to love with the youth of today. They want everyone to feel the thrill of the chase and spend more time outdoors. They are working on a DVD to be finished by 2nd quarter end 2014. Footage will include White-tail deer, Waterfowl, Squirrel, Rabbit, Predators, Turkey, Hogs, and possibly Bear. These animals will be harvested by archery, shotgun, rifle, and muzzleloader by their Pro Staff and many youth hunters. Scheduling for the show debut is currently set for 1st quarter 2015. Web and Facebook sites will be up and running 1st quarter 2013.

Sponsorship can be cash donation, product, product discount, and outfitter hunts or any variety mentioned. They are offering title sponsorship, commercial spots, and logo display for their DVD until the beginning of 2nd quarter 2014. Any donation will automatically give the sponsor a logo display and thank you at the DVD end, Facebook and website promotion, and logo display at any function.

Simple Life Adventures wants to thank you for considering their proposal of sponsorship or donation.