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Trent Sampson’s 8-Point Buck

Brian Sampson just submitted a photo of his son Trent with his first buck of the 2013 season. Trent now considers the Hooker Deer Drag™ hat as his good luck charm!

Photo Submission

The buck in this photo was shot by Trent Sampson, 16 years old, using his crossbow and wearing his lucky Hooker Deer Drag™ hat.

Trent's First Deer of 2013

Trent’s First Deer of 2013

About this Story

The Hooker Deer Drag Co., LLC is a sponsor of Brian Sampson’s Indiana Aces baseball team. Brian contacted us stating that…

Keeping in mind my two boys have Hooker Deer Drag hats and consider them good luck hunting hats. Proof is in the picture. My sixteen year old sons first time out hunting this season wearing a Hooker Deer Drag Hat and bags this nice 8 point with his crossbow. The picture is not very good but by the time we tracked him and got him to the truck it was dark. Thanks for your sponsorship and remember to “Take a Hooker to the Woods with you!”